Some of Sam’s confidence tied to familiarity with the line

Offensive LineUT14

For an offensive line, continuity and familiarity is the foundation for success.

At Iowa State this fall, that continuity has been fundamental to the line’s season-long improvement.

Injuries ravaged last year’s line and there was a weekly personnel shuffle.

ISU has started Jake Campos, Jamison Lalk, Tom Farniok, Daniel Burton and Jacob Gannon across its front wall the last three weeks. The Cyclones have improved on offense in each of those outings.

Coach Paul Rhoads suggested Monday that continuity in practice is as important as continuity in games.

“The practice continuity is awfully important and that was the biggest thing we talked about in-house,” Rhoads said. “It’s (been) the same five guys who have practiced together.”

Who has the continuity benefitted the most? How about QB Sam Richardson?

“Sam know who he’s working with,” Rhoads said of the o-line. “Sam knows how he’s being protected and that checks are being made.”

That leads to confidence for the signal caller.

“A confident quarterback is important to your offense,” Rhoads suggested.

The recent results sure support that contention.


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