Will “6-2” be the spark for Cyclones?

Johnson-Lynch, Christy_Iowa2014-15-1

In the week leading up to Iowa State’s volleyball match vs. Kansas State, the Cyclones were installing a new system.

They were preparing to implement a “6-2” attack, which features two setters and a lot substitutions. The 22nd-ranked Wildcats had no idea of the change.

“K-State didn’t know what expect,” Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch said. “But, neither did we.”

The coach wasn’t certain if the “6-2” system would work.

“I felt we would look really smart or really stupid,” Johnson-Lynch admitted.

After a three-set sweep of the nationally ranked Wildcats, she was quite pleased.

“We found a lineup, finally,” Johnson-Lynch said. “It allows us to use our personnel the best way.”

As the regular season winds down, the change sparked an excitement.

“It’s November and (the offense) is something new,” Johnson-Lynch said. “That doesn’t happen and it got us fired up because it’s something different. I feel like it gave us a shot of adrenalin.”

More than 75% of the regular-season schedule is already in the books. It’s a unique time to make the switch.

“But, it won’t be a ‘we fixed it’ and we’re good to go,” Johnson-Lynch suggested. “We have some things we need to get better at.”

With a half-dozen regular-season games left, it will interesting to monitor the team’s progress.


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