The difference between “needs” and “wants”


Paul Rhoads told the post-game radio audience Saturday that he visited with his team about “needs” and “wants”.

The coach emphasized there was a significant difference between those terms. And, that difference was on full display at Kansas.

The Jayhawks, who entered the contest with a seven-game Big 12 losing streak, played as though they “needed” a victory.

In contrast, Rhoads said his team traveled to Lawrence in “hope” of a victory.

For teams like the Cyclones and Jayhawks this year, there is a slim margin between wins and losses.

That margin is frequently tied to attitude and emotion. In other terms, “needing” a win versus “wanting” a win.

Iowa State gets it final bye week of the season now. The rest will help some of those ailing physically. That list is pretty long, too.

Most important, however, is for the Cyclones to hit the mental re-set.

With Texas Tech on deck next on Nov. 22, the Cyclones have to flip the mindset script from last week. They’ve got nearly two weeks to do it.


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