Committee doing more than ranking by losses… thankfully

The College Football Playoff committee spoke again Tuesday night.

It was enlightening (more data to sift through) and uplifting (more hints were provided as to what the committee truly values).

One thing jumped out to me.

Oregon passing Florida State demonstrated that this committee is NOT simply listing teams in order of fewest losses. Thank you!

For years, the coaches’ and media polls have basically ranked most teams that way. An undefeated team is not necessarily better than a one-loss team. It’s so refreshing to see the committee really assess the teams and rank them (beyond just record) with the data available today.

A couple years back, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit said that he looks at teams and tries to pick who the best one is. He didn’t share the specifics of what he weighed or valued. But, there weren’t hard-and-fast rules for him (including simply listing by teams by the number in the loss column).

Another hot topic this week has been the TCU vs. Baylor discussion. Same record, same league (and eventually) same conference opponents. The Bears, or course, won the head-to-head matchup.

For purposes of filling the six major bowls (playoff match-ups in the Rose and Sugar plus the Peach, Fiesta, Orange and Cotton Bowls), the Big 12 has to have a definitive champ. If those two schools do tie, Baylor is the champ. But, that doesn’t mean the CFP committee has to pick the Bears for the four-team playoff. It could choose TCU and move Baylor to one of the other major games.

Some people are having a hard time with that. But, every league could face the same thing.

Think of it this way. Let’s say Missouri goes on to win the SEC East Division and has 2-3 losses. Say Mississippi State runs the table to finish 12-0. Then, say the Tigers take the SEC title game beating MSU.

Then, it’s the same dilemma as the Big 12 scenario. Mizzou is guaranteed a spot in one of the six big bowls (as SEC champ), but the CFP committee could still pick a one-loss SEC team (M-State in this case) for the four-team playoff.

As has been said for weeks, let it all play out and enjoy that process.


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