A special signing day for Pollard and Sanders’ families

AD Signees

Jamie Pollard and Calli Sanders are two of the three (David Harris is the other) sports administrators at Iowa State University.

As such, national signing day is an exciting time to monitor as a sport administrators. Signing day is when the future for each of the Cyclones’ 18 intercollegiate sports begins to take shape. It’s when rosters are replenished.

Pollard has ultimate authority over all of the school’s teams and Sanders has direct oversight of 15 sports. But, signing day yesterday had a different feel for two of ISU’s senior administrators.

Pollard’s son, Thomas, signed an NLI to become a Cyclone. One of the nation’s top prep distance runners, the Gilbert (Iowa) prep had all of the nation’s top programs seeking his talents. But, Thomas chose Iowa State.

It’s probably not a stretch that Jamie, wife Ellen and siblings Annie, Maggie and James were smiling ear-to-ear.

In the Sanders’ household, Ames High School senior Molly Sanders announced she will play college basketball at Navy. Although Molly’s collegiate career will take place more than a 1,000 miles from home, Calli, husband Rick and their kids (T and Jack) were thrilled, too.

The road to earning a Division 1 scholarship is long and has lots of traffic. It is highly competitive. There is a small percentage of prep athletes, who get the chance.

For two children of Cyclone administrators to get that opportunity is rare, I’d think.

What isn’t debatable is that Wednesday’s announcements were a bit different and even more exciting for Pollard and Sanders.


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