The “X’s and O’s” on Iowa State’s resurgence

Johnson-Lynch, Christy_Omaha2014-15-1

Iowa State has won four straight volleyball matches, including two against ranked opponents. That followed a 7-7 mark in is previous 14 outings, so there’s been a dramatic improvement.

Why the turn-around?

The “6-2” system, of course.

A couple of weeks back during practice, Coach Christy Johnson-Lynch told her team they were going to switch attacks. She cautioned that it might work or it might fail.

“Were getting lots of good performances from lots of different people,” Johnson-Lynch said of her team since the strategy shift. “What’s nice about the ‘6-2’ is that if one or two people are off, we’ve got other hitters to step up.”

Essentially, the “6-2” features two setters and many more substitutions. That’s the laymen’s explanation.

For a more detailed analysis of what’s different and why it works, click here to watch’s  Kyle Steingreaber share the X’s and O’s of the system along with some reaction from the players on the impact it has had.

The Cyclones will employ the “6-2” again Wednesday when it visits Kansas for a huge Big 12 match.

“They (the Jayhawks) have the ‘double quick’, which means they have a front quick and also slide at the same time,” Johnson-Lynch explained to the media Monday.

Sorry, doesn’t have a video available to break down that attack. You’ll have to take Johnson-Lynch at her word on that one.


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