The “D” for Dejean-Jones has been impressive

With only a half-dozen appearances in an ISU uniform on his resume, it’s pretty early to draw concrete conclusions on the play of Bryce Dejean-Jones.

But, the senior’s output has been impressive. He is on pace to set personal collegiate bests for scoring, FG%, 3-point%, FT%, rebounding, assists, blocks and steals.

“The biggest thing with Bryce is just his overall game,” Coach Fred Hoiberg said Monday. “With Bryce, it’s his passing, decision-making and rebounding.”

Much like DeAndre Kane a year ago, Dejean-Jones stuffs the boxscore. He seems to pick a different category to impact the game each night out, much like Kane.

The underappreciated part of Dejean-Jones’ game is defense. That doesn’t show up in the boxscore as much.

“He played (Arkansas’ Michael) Qualls very well defensively and before that he guarded well against Georgia State,” Hoiberg said. “His closeout speed on (Georgia State’s NBA prospect) R.J. Hunter was excellent.”

Although not the only defender on Qualls and Hunter, the 6-5 Cyclone slowed each. Qualls is scoring 15.4 points per game, but he tallied just 10 (in 37 minutes) vs. Iowa State. Hunter scored 21 points in Ames but he took 20 shots to do so.

The book on Dejean-Jones was similar to Kane in that his impact can be measured so many ways. I just don’t remember much talk about his defense in the pre-season and that may have been an oversight.


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