Sharing is this team’s biggest asset

Niang, Morris_Southern_2014-15_1

Fred Hoiberg was in error during his post-game radio interview with John Walters and Eric Heft Saturday afternoon.

“(We had) 24 assists in the game and 12 guys got assists,” Hoiberg said. “That’s a great sign.”

The Cyclones actually had 25 assists on their 32 field goals. An amazing 78 percent of their buckets against Drake included an assist.

Iowa State’s season average for percentage of baskets with an assist is 65.8%, the eighth-best mark in the nation. Only three schools nationally – Iowa State, Arkansas and Minnesota – are better than 65% for this rate and also score more than 80 points per game.

When the Cyclones are on offensively, it’s spectacular.

“We moved the ball around (vs. Drake) and get pretty much what we wanted,” Hoiberg said of the team’s ninth win of the year.

With nine guys averaging at least 10 minutes per game, it must be especially satisfying to Hoiberg that his unit – whoever it includes – has remained committed to sharing the ball for the betterment of others.

“All our guys had the right mentality in making the right play out there,” Hoiberg said.

Yes, 25 assists on 32 buckets would confirm that


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