Hogue keys hard-fought win as Hoiberg learns something about his team

Hogue, Dustin_GeorgiaState_2014-15_16

Through 12 games, the Iowa State men’s basketball team had played just two contests that were decided by fewer than 10 points. It lost both.

That trend ended Tuesday night against a scrappy Oklahoma State team that made a slew of tough shots. The Cyclones escaped with a two-point win.

Iowa State made the plays down the stretch – three buckets and a blocked shot by Dustin Hogue were key – to win a nail biter.

“Dustin’s three baskets at the end were enormous,” Coach Fred Hoiberg said. “And the block, I guess, really speaks for itself.”

Winning a tough game was on the “to do” list for Hoiberg.

“For us to play this game after the South Carolina game where we weren’t able to close it out (was rewarding),” Hoiberg said. “To learn from that (the South Carolina game) and make the proper plays to get the win (was satisfying).”

League play – especially in the Big 12 where nine of the 10 schools have been ranked or received votes in the polls – is going to be tough game-after-game.

As this blog pointed out Tuesday morning, Hoiberg needed to learn something about his team.

He did learn that his club could grind out a win and that probably brought a small smile to his face.


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