Cyclones pass an obvious and significant milepost

College GameDay Basketball Campaign - December 19, 2014

On the journey to building a great basketball program, there are many mileposts along the route.

Some are obvious and significant and others are more subtle.

Earlier this week, Iowa State announced that it would host ESPN’s GameDay covered by All State on Jan. 17. The college basketball world turns its attention each Saturday morning to the pre-game extravaganza featuring Rece Davis, Jay Bilas, Jay Williams and Seth Greenberg. The show originates from the site of the network’s primetime night telecast.

The Cyclones have never previously hosted the event. This is an obvious and significant milepost.

In four-plus seasons as coach, Fred Hoiberg has been the catalyst for the return of Hilton Magic, a number of significant wins, tournament berths and championships.

Along the way, Hoiberg’s program has also passed these mileposts:

  • Ranked by the Associated Press (on March 8, 2012) for the first time in 2,300 days;
  • Rated in the A.P. Top Ten (on March 21, 2014) for the first time in 4,395 days;
  • Appeared on ESPN’s “Big Monday” telecast three times in 2013-14 (with three more times guaranteed this season).

Many programs on the rise eventually make the polls and play on national TV more frequently.

But, the very special ones get the chance to host ESPN’s GameDay and the Cyclones and their fans should relish the chance to participate.

Doors to Hilton Coliseum will open at 7 a.m. on Jan. 17. Admission is free.


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