Perspective on a road loss to a ranked team with one day of prep

The Cyclone men’s basketball team has played three “Big Monday” games on ESPN since league play started. ISU, Oklahoma and Texas (with three each) have the most appearances among Big 12 schools, while Kansas has two.

The Sooners are 2-1 in those marquee contests (two on the road), while the Cyclones and Longhorns are 1-2 (again, two on the road). The Jayhawks won both of their “Big Monday” games and each game was in Lawrence.

There’s no question that the turnaround from a Saturday game to a Monday contest is hard. It’s especially tough to add in travel.

Iowa State’s two “Big Monday” losses – at Kansas and at Oklahoma – came in the gyms of the Big 12’s first- and second-place teams.

Surprisingly, four Big 12 schools have hit the road for a “Big Monday” game and won.

Texas won at TCU (Jan. 19), West Virginia won at Texas Tech (Jan. 5), Oklahoma won at Texas (Jan. 5) and Oklahoma State won at Baylor (Feb. 9). The home teams, which lost those Monday games, have a cumulative 13-29 Big 12 record.

Coach Fred Hoiberg said on his radio show that winning in Norman would be a challenge no matter when it was played.

Hoiberg noted that his team has had a Monday game with one day of prep two weeks in a row and that “it will be nice to get back into a routine.”

Losses are tough at this time of year.

Just don’t overreact to one game against a formidable foe, on the road with a short prep time. Data would show that not many schools have won “Big Monday” games against the quality of competition the Cyclones faced.


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