@ESPNLunardi numbers clearly spell out Big 12 is best in class


ESPN’s Joe Lunardi and his group of stat heads compile daily Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) numbers.

As of Wednesday morning, 60% of the Big 12 membership is rated in the Top 30 per Lunardi’s RPI.

Kansas (1), Baylor (12), Iowa State (14), Oklahoma (16), West Virignia (25) and Oklahoma State (27) all reside in the top 30. Only two teams are below No. 100 in Lunardi’s rankings.

Some people feel the ACC – top heavy with Virginia (3), Duke (5), North Carolina (11) and Louisville (15) – is due consideration for top billing as a league. The Big 12’s top four are similarly rated. The differentiator is that one-third of the ACC has RPI marks below 100.

There are three times as many top 30 schools as those below 100 in the Big 12. The Big East is the only other league that has more top 30 (four) than below No. 100 (three) programs.

By conference, here are the average RPIs (per Lunardi) as of today:

  • Big 12 (10 schools with six in top 30 and two below 100) – 51
  • Big East (10 schools with four in top 30 and three below 100) – 62
  • Big Ten (14 schools with three in top 30 and three below 100) – 66
  • ACC (15 schools with five in top 30 and five below 100) – 72
  • Pac-12 (12 schools with two in top 30 and three below 100) – 79
  • SEC (14 schools with two in top 30 and four below 100) – 79

Iowa State’s next three games come against schools rated 27th, 32nd and 12th. There are certainly plentiful opportunities for good wins as tourney resumes are being written.


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