Guards – Johnson & Dejean-Jones – impacting Cyclone board numbers


Rebounding is as fundamental to winning basketball games as about anything.

Good rebounding teams – just like those which don’t turn it over – get more opportunities to score. And, more shots normally means more wins.

Neither of Iowa State’s basketball teams is particularly big, but they’ve been competitive on the boards.

Bill Fennelly’s team starts a 6-foot-5 freshman center surrounded by a legion of guards most games.

Jameel McKay recently joined Fred Hoiberg’s starting lineup as its center, but his 215-pound frame is one of the league’s leanest among front-line players.

How then, do the Cyclone men and women hold their own on the glass?

For the women, Seanna Johnson leads the entire Big 12 in rebounding at 9.3 per game. The 5-10 sophomore is a guard per the Cyclone roster.

On the men’s team, it’s not surprising to see McKay (6.4 rebounds per game), Georges Niang (5.4) and Dustin Hogue (4.8) with solid rebounding number. But, it’s a guard – 6-6 senior Bryce Dejean-Jones and his 5.6-rebound average – who is often the difference maker. Dejean-Jones is 15th in league rebounding and the only guard among the Top 15.

When you think about the playing styles and roster make-up of both the men’s and women’s teams at ISU, rebounding isn’t what comes to mind.

But, in reality, both squads do compete quite well on the glass – thanks to some good rebounding guards – and it’s one of reasons for their success.


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