Two road wins in the same week is significant and unusual

There was a time when some college basketball leagues used travel partners to aid in scheduling and the routine was that partners would play a couple of home games one week and a couple of road games the next week.

Playing twice away from home in the same week wasn’t all that unusual. Those days are gone.

Only six times this winter has a Big 12 school played a pair of road games in the same week. Only one time did the travelling school win both times.

Iowa State’s road triumphs at Oklahoma State and Texas last week were an eye opener.

Earlier this season in Big 12 play, Oklahoma was swept at KU and BU in January; Oklahoma State was swept at KU and OU in January; Kansas State was swept at TCU and BU in February; and Texas Tech was swept at OU and WVU in January. The Cowboys did split road games at Baylor and TCU in the same week in February.

In a league where the home teams have won 65% of their games, the Cyclones were impressive last week in Stillwater and Austin.

“Iowa State had probably the best week that anybody has had all year in our league going to Stillwater and winning and going to Texas and winning,” Kansas Coach Bill Self said of the Cyclones.

The Cyclone road sweep came after much discussion about the club’s challenges on the road in conference play.

Last week was a great springboard. Now, the challenge is to keep it going Wednesday vs. Baylor. The Bears are coming off a 27-point win.


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