A perspective on perspective

Hoiberg, Fred15Big12KUpodium

Finding perspective in times of frustration is hard.

That might be where many in the Cyclone fan base find themselves after the opening games of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. It’s totally understandable.

The mechanics of Iowa State’s loss to UAB were rooted in rebounding and shooting.

  • The Blazers had 19 offensive rebounds against a program that led the Big 12 in both defensive rebounds (26.78 per game) and defensive rebounding percentage (.692).
  • ISU made just 42.9% of its two-point attempts after topping its league by nearly five full percentage points in two-point shooting.

It was a bit of an outlier game for the Cyclones and, unfortunately, it came during the one-and-done part of the season.

Those are facts. So, too, is it a fact that ISU won 25 games, earned it second Big 12 Tournament Championship in a row, registered more wins vs. Top 50 schools than anyone in the nation and delighted us throughout a long winter.

The low feelings will eventually disappear and anticipation for next year will soon take over.

That is a perspective that won’t come naturally for some.  But, in the end, appreciating all of the fun excitement is the best tonic for moving forward.


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